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Find You Strong

DISCLAIMER:  We like to begin all of our books/trainings/articles/etc. with a brief disclaimer.  So don’t say you weren’t warned. Ha! 


First and foremost, none of us are doctors. (at least not yet!)

In fact, we are not doctors, nor do we play one on tv?  Ha! 

The information that we provide is not medical advice and is not intended to take the place of advice from a qualified medical professional.  Always check with your doctor before changing things like diet/exercise/supplement routines/or anything else that may impact your health.


That said, at no time will we apologize for the content of our material, as it contains the reality of what we learned while taking every logical step to save the life of someone we love.  Our materials are influenced by some of the world’s leading researchers, authors, naturopaths, alternative medicine experts, etc. 


Our materials focus on integrative/holistic care and outlines what worked for us.  This information was gathered during a time in our lives when the stakes couldn’t have been any higher. There is no pressure to incorporate the practices outlined, as we understand and respect the fact that health/wellness is a very private journey.


Wishing you peace and health on your wellness journey,

The Find Your Strong Team

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