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Packing a healthy lunch (or even preparing one at home) can be tricky.


1. Variety is NOT the spice of life; Simplicity is bliss. After you discover a few healthy options that please your taste buds, rotate these gems through-out the week. Having just a few healthy lunch options on your weekly schedule makes meal planning and constructing a grocery list a breeze.

2. Live on the wild side. If you're worried that all this simplicity will lead to pure boredum, feel free to toss in a new menu item each week & let your crew (kids, spouse, etc.) vote on whether it’s a keeper.

3. Keep the cold stuff cold -to prevent any upset tummies (or worse, food poisoning). Try these non-toxic cold packs.

4. Fresh fruit & veggies, nuts & seeds should be staples in your lunch box. Easy to pack, nutritious, & delicious!

5. Get your hummus on! Hummus is a nutritional powerhouse that comes in a variety of awesome flavors to please every palate. We’re talking white bean, black bean, sweet potato, chocolate fudge, chocolate chip, etc. So dip or spread to your hearts content! See our favorite recipes/brands below.

6. Don’t drink the koolaid-or any other sugary drink for that matter. Instead, hydrate with filtered water infused with fruits, veggies, & spices. Try using frozen fruit instead of ice cubes & load your H2O with berries, cucumbers, oranges, ginger, etc. So refreshing!

7. Cook in batches- cuz there is nothing better than leftovers for lunch. Many people tend to focus more effort into dinner, making it the most nutritious/tasty meal of the day. So simply cook in large batches--then pack up a lunch portion right after dinner for ease.

8. Be cautious of condiments. Mayo, ketchup. dressings, dips, & spreads often contain unhealthy oils, GMO’s, and tend to be high in sugar.

  • Try making your own DIY version (like this ketchup recipe from Dr. Axe)

  • Or a store bought healthy variety like Primal Kitchen.

  • Hummus also makes a great sandwich (or wrap) spread (I know I sound like the spokesperson for hummus-- it's just a phase I'm going thru. ha!)

9. Use non-toxic/reusable containers. Don’t ruin your healthy meal with yucky (toxic) containers that leach into your food. Try:

10. Include a Luv Note- Everyone (kids & adults) enjoys finding a little handwritten note tucked into their lunch! And if you're packing a lunch for yourself, include an affirmation for your day.



Here are some nutrient-dense lunch ideas with clickable links that connect you with recipes & products for ease!


1. THE MAIN EVENT-a few healthy items that can replace the traditional "sandwich".

  • HUMMUS ROLL UPS. Spread wrap of choice with a little of your favorite hummus, layer some fresh veggies (carrots, spinach, sprouts, etc.). Sprinkle with a few almonds & sunflower seeds. Roll it up & enjoy!

  • Sweet Potato Hummus Recipe (so good!)

  • SPROUTED PIZZAS-grab your favorite sprouted wrap, pizza crust, or pita (like Angelic Bakery) & spread diced tomatoes and fresh organic mozerella (or dairy free cheese of choice). Sprinkle with salt, garlic, & fresh basil. Bake til golden brown.

  • KALE SALAD is one of our faves, but any salad makes a great lunch.

  • GRAIN BOWLS-I love when I make these & have leftovers for lunch!


2. SIDEKICKS-here's a few healthy "sides" to toss in your lunch box!

  • BERRIES & VEGGIES—fresh berries & veggies are loaded with nutrition & should be staples in every lunch box!

  • Get fancy with these KABOBS and some fun dippin sauce.

  • YOGURT PARFAIT- Simply layer yogurt (dairy free or organic greek) and berries/fruit of choice (strawberries, blueberries, mango, etc.). Then, top with nuts & seeds or a handful of organic granola.


  • ​Try Mary’s crackers, Beanitos, etc.

  • TRAIL MIX—create your own healthy concoction of nuts, seeds, dried fruit, dark chocolate, etc. Or try a healthy store bought version.


3. DESSERT-Make your lunch totally Epic with a little sweet treat.



  • WATER—Add some frozen fruit to your filtered water—it keeps your drink cold & adds amazing flavor. Try infusing your water with raspberries, strawberries, oranges, watermelon, cucumbers, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, etc.

  • ORGANIC GREEN JUICE—we like to pack Suja for an on-the-go juice.

Happy Lunch Packin'